Youth Realities in Sacramento During COVID-19: A Rapid Response and a Call to Action

citiesRISE has been rapidly adapting to the changes imposed by COVID-19 while simultaneously using this moment as an opportunity to reflect upon what unifies us globally. Over the last few months, we have been supporting our teams and partners across the five cities to stay as safe as possible while finding ways to respond to the rising mental health needs of young people. In April 2020, we conducted a global survey to understand what young people’s mental health needs are right now and how they are staying connected. The survey received over 1,000 responses that are now being used to inform our programs and advocacy. 

Today, we are pleased to share highlights from Sacramento that demonstrate how our commitment to listening, co-designing, and implementing alongside young people has guided our response to COVID-19.

Read the full report summarizing the local findings alongside examples of how we are developing tailored programming.