Mental Health and Well-being During COVID-19 – Online Resources and Tools

Working with our local teams, we compiled these mental health resources that we hope will guide you if you need support during these uncertain times. You may also seek ideas from your peers on what you can do to take care of wellbeing and promote local solutions that are relevant and accessible to youth. Please share them with us on social media so we can make this list as helpful as possible!

Your participation in the Youth Response to COVID-19 survey may help other young people access better information and the support they need. Thank you!


Virtual Assistance: Provide reliable and high quality online accessible mental health support

Messaging: Create accurate and youth friendly communications and share them where young people will access them authentically


Building Hope: Share positive messages and stories to demonstrate how young people are overcoming adversity

Expanding Connection: Invite more storytelling, virtual gathering, and creative ways to share young people’s experiences


When bad things happen, love blooms.

— Jane Doe

People around me give me hope. The human spirit never dies, and this too will pass.

— Joe Smith