Local Collective Action An innovative and structured approach to cross-sector collaboration that brings creative and collaborative local leaders together under a common operating plan and goal framework to reach as many people as possible.


Seattle The city has several innovative mental health initiatives. In partnership with citiesRISE, Seattle is aspiring to integrate existing pockets of excellence toward a common framework. Emerging priority areas focus on integrated delivery systems and youth leadership. Many Minds Collaborative, King County Behavioral Health and Recovery Division are working with citiesRISE to adapt best practices from other cities, co- develop a cross-sectoral engagement model and scale it up.


Nairobi The city is rapidly modernizing with increasing levels of stress. The Kenyan Ministry of Health, Center for Public Health and Development, BasicNeeds, and other local partners are working with citiesRISE to develop an operational plan to address young people’s mental health that integrates with the new national mental health policy. The focus of the collective action is emphasizing new types of engagement, support service and data, and building a strong cohort of youth leaders in the country.


Chennai A unique confluence of stakeholders in Chennai – including the SCARF, SNEHA, Banyan, technology and youth organizations – are partnering with citiesRISE to incubate a local collective model. The focus is on city-wide programs for young people and caregivers of the mentally ill, with new technologies and task/sharing strategies for taking services to where people are.


Bogotá Coping with levels of homelessness, violence and substance abuse, a local group of leaders in Bogotá, including the Secretary of Health, are keen to develop community-based models and eager to connect with others working in the field internationally to develop new strategies. citiesRISE is partnering with local stakeholders to help build capacity and create new initiatives.


Sacramento The city is positioned to be a leader in global innovation in mental health. Despite its relative small size, it has significant influence within California and with a newly launched innovation fund, it has the potential to be eminent in global mental health. There are several pioneering initiatives and partnerships already existing in the city and one such example is a unique opportunity to combine the Steinberg Institute with statewide support from Sutter Health.

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