From the Field

Youth Symposium Chennai – Summer 2018

This summer, youth leaders from different organizations came together in Chennai to exchange ideas, share experiences and collectively act on mental health! They were joined by various stakeholders who listened as youth made clear what was needed for the future of their mental health, having a bit of fun in the process!

Live from Chennai: Collective emotion, collective ideation, collective action.


Young voices and young ideas come alive at the citiesRISE youth symposium in Chennai.


Backed by her team, Maithreyi from the Banyan shares a visual aid on peer support in mental health.


Meet Samiya, who founded LonePack, a nonprofit organization that touches hundreds of lives through letters. “I could not but do something,” she says.


Leading mental health expert Dr. Suresh brings in his youthful perspective to the session.


Arts and words help participants at the youth symposium get their point across.


A little bit of humor and lots of great ideas were exchanged at the symposium. Brindaa from Orinam shares a joke with Lian from citiesRISE.


Ibrahim and Namithaa get the post-lunch session to pick up the pace.


“A lot is about showing kindness”, says activist Archanaa Seker


Moitreyee, CEO of citiesRISE, talks about how the initiative has been catalyzing the conversation between cities across the world


New connections are created among young people of Chennai