World Psychiatric Association’s new 2017-2020 Action Plan features citiesRISE as key partner in achieving bold mental health vision

Berlin, Germany – 12 October 2017 – The World Psychiatric Association (WPA) today inaugurated its new president, Helen Herrman, and launched its 2017-2020 Action Plan that sets a bold new agenda for how psychiatrists can elevate their role in addressing global mental health challenges through collaborative action and stronger links to communities around the world.

Berlin, Germany 2017- Moitreyee Sinha, CEO of citiesRISE, and Helen Herrman, President of WPA, celebrating partnership at this year’s World Psychiatric Congress.

As a formative partner of the citiesRISE platform, WPA has played a key role in enabling the psychiatric community to support the mainstreaming of mental health across sectors – a key element of the citiesRISE strategy. This collaboration has led to the development of a strategic partnership between WPA and citiesRISE, which the 2017-2020 Action Plan endorsed in Berlin today highlights. In this new action plan, citiesRISE is featured as a key partner in achieving a bold new vision for transforming mental health worldwide.

Specifically, citiesRISE will partner with the WPA in its efforts to support and work with people in vulnerable situations, such as those who are displaced and are homeless, through formalized processes for engaging psychiatrists in conflict and emergency situations. Critical to this partnership is promoting and protecting the mental health of children and young people in disadvantaged regions and settings through work in schools and communities. Another critical component of the partnership is a coordinated effort to significantly reduce rates of suicide around the world.

The WPA’s 2017-2020 Action Plan highlights formal partnerships with citiesRISE and the World Health Organization as core strategic anchors to help build the WPA’s growing collaborative work with international agencies, leading non-government and civil society organizations, and research institutions around the world. Helen Herrman commented this week, “The WPA’s partnership with citiesRISE marks a new paradigm in how we all can contribute to a better and more compassionate world that addresses mental illness and improves mental health faster than ever before.”

Helen Herrman speaking at the World Psychiatric Congress on Youth Mental Health.

The ultimate goal of this collaboration is to amplify the work of WPA, by connecting psychiatrists as effectively as possible with community networks to promote mental health. Moitreyee Sinha, CEO of citiesRISE, commented, “We are humbled by Helen’s continued support and honored to work with her in breaking through traditional boundaries of collaboration to expand WPA’s mental health impact even further.”

To learn more, check out the new WPA strategic plan here.