World Economic Forum Op-Ed by citiesRISE

citiesRISE co-founders Moitreyee Sinha and Chris Underhill share learnings on the World Economic Forum’s Davos 2018 World Agenda blog series. In a rapidly changing world where there is a strong need to create a shared future in a fractured world, citiesRISE is shaping conversations at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting for strengthened commitment for international collaborations to address critical challenges in mental health.¬†The blog shares key insights uncovered from two years of on-the-ground learning in international cities and offers¬†5 key principles that should be considered to tackle the massive global mental health burden:

1. Mental health must be normalized and brought into the open,

2. Mental health solutions must take into account areas of public life beyond healthcare,

3. Mental health must be addressed by transformational rather than transactional approaches,

4. The insights and energy of young people must be harnessed to shape change and accountability mechanisms,

5. Coordinated action at the local level and sharing knowledge across cities are key to accelerating to uptake of proven solutions.

Read the full piece here and be sure to stay tuned for live updates from citiesRISE during the 2018 World Economic Forum Annual meeting in Davos January 23-26th.