From the Field

Celebrating our new brand, citiesRISE

We believe that healthy minds unleash the hidden potential of communities – to that end, we are thrilled to unveil a new brand for our initiative (formerly called “mhNOW”) that will allow us to unleash that potential: citiesRISE.

citiesRISE is a global platform tackling the urgent need to improve mental health through collective action in major cities to catalyze systemic change and spur countrywide action. It is the first effort of its kind where leading practitioners in the field are uniting to address mental health.

Our new brand was developed through a strategic positioning process facilitated by Emergence Creative that included:

  • A landscape analysis of how other mental health organizations communicate
  • A survey of 38 leading mental health practitioners to get a finger on the field’s pulse
  • One-on-one interviews with key stakeholders in mental health and city leadership
  • A two-day positioning workshop with our leadership, staff, partners, and funders

As we went through the process, we quickly grew to understand that in order to truly mobilize global cities to close the mental health gap, we needed to speak to people beyond the bounds of the existing mental health community.

In short, mental health needed a rebrand. The core insight behind the citiesRISE branding was a sense of global connection, strength, and positivity. By focusing on the potential of mental health rather than dwelling on the burden of mental illness, we feel we will be able to re-frame the story.