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Premio al Desafío Juvenil en Bogotá (Youth Challenge Award Bogotá)

Premio al Desafío Juvenil en Bogotá (Youth Challenge Award Bogotá) ¡Abierto ya! Aceptando aplicaciones hasta el 23 de septiembre citiesRISE, en alianza con la Secretaría de Salud (SDS), está movilizando acciones para mejorar la salud mental para y con las personas jóvenes de Bogotá mediante el lanzamiento del Premio al Desafío Juvenil para apoyar a […]

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I-CIRCLE joins forces with citiesRISE to mobilize city action in support of young peoples’ mental health

Two leading platforms transforming mental health in cities – I-CIRCLE and citiesRISE – are creating a strategic partnership to develop a global cities alliance that will support a unified vision for the Mental Health Friendly Cities movement. Starting with local collective action in the first five citiesRISE cities of Chennai, Nairobi, Bogota, Sacramento, and Seattle, the […]

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Youth Symposium Chennai – Summer 2018

This summer, youth leaders from different organizations came together in Chennai to exchange ideas, share experiences and collectively act on mental health! They were joined by various stakeholders who listened as youth made clear what was needed for the future of their mental health, having a bit of fun in the process!

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Celebrating our new brand, citiesRISE

We believe that healthy minds unleash the hidden potential of communities – to that end, we are thrilled to unveil a new brand for our initiative (formerly called “mhNOW”) that will allow us to unleash that potential: citiesRISE.